Marleau Makes History

After 23 NHL seasons, 1,768 games played, and a legendary record set, Patrick Marleau is nowhere close to slowing down. Tonight, Marleau overtook Gordie Howe to top the list of most NHL games played in a career. That is not a easy feat remotely in the NHL. Marleau’s first NHL game was back on October 1st, 1997 (2 years before I was even born) now he’s played 899 games consistently in his career but 1,768 in total.

It’s a historic and epic feat that we are lucky to witness. With any NHL milestone there are amazing messages from old teammates around the league and I think nothing get’s better than this one from Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner (Marleau’s surrogate sons) and Patty’s old teammate Joe Thornton.

And of course the night is not complete without acknowledgement from the league and teams for this great accomplishment.

Marleau, much like Gordie Howe, is a once and a lifetime player. He’s a good player who works hard and leads well, not to mention he’s just all around a great guy. If there was anyone I’d want to see achieve this record, it’s a guy like Patty. I’m sure we’ll be seeing another celebration once the Sharks are back home in San Jose but this guy deserves it.

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