New Team? You Get A Goal

Some guys that got traded Monday had a pretty good day today. 4 players who were recently traded scored their first goals with new teams tonight, let’s run through them.

Taylor Hall got his first goal in his second game as a Bruin, following his trade from the Buffalo Sabres.

And in this same game, Travis Zajac had his first goal for the Islanders in his 4th game with the club since being dealt from New Jersey.

Anders Bjork, a part of that Bruins and Buffalo Taylor Hall swap, scooped his first as a Sabre in his second game with the team.

Jakub Vrana got his first as a Red Wing, in his first game after Washington traded him. (Of course it was against the Hawks)

So it seems that some trades are panning out real well. Anthony Mantha is settling in real nice with Washington, seeing as he’s got 2 goals (3 points) in 2 games there. Anders Bjork has 3 points since joining Buffalo too. It seems like these trades are going well but it is still early. This is why I never judge trades right when they happen. You don’t know who will have chemistry where or with who. I think tonight goes to show that a fresh start can make a big difference.

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Featured Image:  Red Wings Twitter

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