Brandon Hagel Is My Avenger

Bagel Boy 2.0 is quickly skyrocketing up my list of favorite Hawks players.

Brandon Hagel has established himself as a tough-as-nails, grind it out kinda guy on the Blackhawks roster. In 40 games played with the Hawks this season, he’s put up 15 points (6G 9A) while averaging about 13 minutes of ice time a night. He’s a kid that works hard when he’s out there and I respect the hell out of that.

Not to mention that this man has gone toe to toe against a guy in the league I personally can’t stand and that makes him my avenger. I’ve talked a few times about how I don’t really like Patrik Laine. Sure the kid is good – can’t deny that – but he also scores one good goal, acts like he’s the best thing since sliced bread, and then doesn’t score for 11 games. He just gets on my nerves, often. So Hagel’s ongoing tiffs against him mean the world to me.

So real quick let’s go back to February. Hawks were playing the Blue Jackets at home and what do you know, Hagel decided to kick Laine’s ass right at the end of the first period. That was the first solid moment where I thought, okay, that’s my guy. Number 38 in red scrapping never lets me down (I miss you Ryan Hartman).

Now flash forward to tonight. Hawks and Blue Jackets going again and what do you know, Laine scores some cool goal to tie the game 3-3 in the 3rd. Once again, it was a good goal but-

Because of him, the game goes into OT. Well, well, well what do you know. Mr. Brandon Hagel once again said “kick rocks, bro” and scored a silky OT GWG with the help of Mr. Kirby Dach. Batta bing, batta boom, see ya laterrrrr.

If I didn’t just stare at my computer for 14 hours straight, I’d Photoshop Hagel (and Dach) as Avengers. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, the Hawks made moves today that I think will do this team some good moving forward. They’ve been the lucky penny this season, blowing everyone away and I love that there are some underdogs in this lineup that wouldn’t have gotten much of a look had we not had a tiff of bad luck to start. Hagel is one of those guys. He just played a single game last season but now he’s up with the big dogs and ha’s being a players I think this team was missing from their lineup.

Now let’s cue that Chelsea Dagger, pour a Miller Lite, and rock and roll.

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Featured Image:  Ben Jackson/NHLI via Getty Images

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