Watching Kaprizov Highlights Never Gets Old

You could throw these goals on loop and I’d watch them forever.

In his first NHL season, Kirill Kaprizov has blown the doors off everyone’s Wild preseason projections. The 23-year-old left the KHL to come play for Minnesota and every night it seems like he’s scoring highlight reel goals. Tonight, as the Wild smashed the Avalanche 8-3, Kirill had 2 goals and this second one is a thing of beauty. Watch this:

He somehow finds a way to get that shot between Nichushkin’s legs and into the net. This is just one of many highlights they’re going to be showing for the next 10 years as he helps the Wild to the moon. He’s barley through his first NHL season and the kid already has numerous highlight reels of his skating, passing, and goals. If he continues at this rate, can you imagine how many we’ll have by playoffs? Here’s three good ones.

Kparizov can skate like the wind, pass like he’s got telepathy, and sneak some sick shots for deeecent goals. It’s fantastic to watch as a hockey fan. The next few seasons in Minnesota should be a treat if the keep this kid around, they have actually been a fun team to watch this season. Finish your night off with some of his KHL highlights too.

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Featured Image:  Minnesota Wild Twitter

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