I’m Sick of Writing Doom and Gloom Flyers Blogs, Fix Your Roster

The Buffalo Sabres were winless for 18 games in a row. They hadn’t won a game all of March. It’s March 31st and they just beat the Philadelphia Flyers 6-1.

Every few days I keep saying, “okay THIS has to be rock bottom for the Flyers” and I blog about and and we move on, hoping for the best. And every time they pull out a pickax and somehow dig deeper. When are we going to hit bedrock? When is someone in the organization going to wake up and make actual changes? At this point, it’s ridiculous. You can’t just say clean slate and move onto the next game because that is clearly not working.

They think “okay, maybe it’s Hart, maybe he needs rest”, so they rest him but shit still hits the fan going 100MPH. “Okay, maybe we need to drop Shayne Gostisbehere and rest two young guys who haven’t been doing shit out there lately,” so they do that and they get bitch slapped by the worst team in the league.

I’m usually not the person to be calling for trades to happen but holy shit, someone has got to be switched out. Whether it’s for Dman that can actually defend or forwards that can get points on the board, whose to say but something has got to change. The Flyers don’t play again until Saturday against the Islanders. If nothing happens between now and then, someone needs to be fired.

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