Maple Leafs Got A Pretty Dope Graphics Upgrade Tonight

Every once and a blue moon, the Toronto Maple Leafs host a game and call it “Next Gen Game”. It’s one of the zillion ways they try to get kids interested in hockey with some different graphics and cool stories. They’ve done it a few times in the pass but their one tonight is out of this world IMO.

I like when teams switch things up and step beyond what’s usual. The same graphics and charts get boring over time so I like what they’ve done to spice up the game. For example, when one of the Leafs score, it shows their nickname on the screen:

That’s so much cooler than these boring ass graphics that the networks have been using for ages. For example: Boring!

Not to mention that some of the content the Leafs have been sharing are made by kids. That’s a great way to not only give some young artists the respect they deserve, but it also helps grow the game to a younger audience.

(That Mitch one is super cool, I might make it my wallpaper)

I think more teams should do this. It makes watching a random game in March more fun and interesting. Like when the NFL was on Nickelodeon, it spices up the games. There’s some media sites I don’t follow because I find their content so dry and boring (*cough* ESPN *cough*). Things like this are what makes some games awesome. Plus I love graphic design like this so two birds, one stone. Why do we push so much creativity into the world if some of the best places to be creative are wrapped in standardized plainness?

I am going to request that Wayne Simmonds score a goal in the 3rd so the screen can say “Wayne Train Goal”.

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Featured Image:  Screenshot from this tweet

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