Here We Go Again: Tomorrow The Isobel Cup Championship Begins (Again)

Tomorrow night the NWHL will be back in action for the finale of their very weird 2021 season. This season has been a roller coaster. After the abrupt and disappointing end to the “bubble” at Lake Placid, it was unsure if we were going to get an actual ending with one team raising the Isobel Cup.

Well, fear not because that is going to happen this weekend.

Starting tomorrow at 4PM CT, the fight for the Isobel Cup lives on in a 3-game series spanning the next 2 days, all happening on NBCSNSports in the US or on if you’re elsewhere. The Toronto Six and Boston Pride will play the first game at 4PM CT then at 7PM CT, the Minnesota Whitecaps will play the Connecticut Whale. Winners from both those games will advance onto Championship Saturday where they will play for all the marbles at 6PM CT. Whoever wins Saturday will be the 2021 Isobel Cup Champions and I’m praying to every God I know that it’s my Minnesota Whitecaps.

Before the season was shut down before, the Whitecaps were on a tear to the Cup and I think they seriously could have won it. Go back even further to the 2020 Isobel Cup That Never Was and they were in the running for that one too. I would not at all be shocked if we ended up watching Boston play Minnesota on Saturday. The weird thing though is with the two month(ish) long break it’s been since the season, you have no idea how that will play into team’s readiness on the ice. We could see some players fall short because it’s been a minute since they’ve played together.

I am nothing if not a lover of chaos so I can’t say I’m mad at that twist. Although this championship is more prone to upsets, here is how I think the weekend will go.

Boston vs Toronto — Toronto

Minnesota vs Connecticut — Minnesota

Minnesota vs Toronto — Minnesota

There is no way I’m going against Minnesota. These games are going to be awesome so make sure you tune in and watch them all!

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Featured Image: The NHL on Twitter

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