Blackhawks Celebrate Kaner’s 1,000th Game At Home

Although he was headed into his 1,006th NHL game, the Blackhawks celebrated Patrick Kane‘s 1,000th game at home in the United Center tonight. The team had been on a long road trip when his actual 1,000th game happened so this was their first chance to celebrate Kaner’s accomplishments at the UC. According to the Hawks, we will still be celebrating this next year when fans can actually be in the UC but I’ll take these cute little moments as they come. Especially after having so many core players retire as of late. Gotta hold onto the memories as much as you can.

To start, the Blackhawks players wore “Kane 88” jerseys on the ice for warm-ups, no surprise there, but they also took part in one of Kane’s famous pregame rituals. His teammates tried to chuck a puck up to Tommy Hawk in the stands.

Then the Hawks had Kane, his girlfriend Amanda, their son Patrick Kane III, and Kaner’s parents out on the ice for a little tribute. Although the Florida Panthers were not on their bench, Joel Quenneville was out there watching Kane’s tribute and yelling over at him. (I am a puddle of tears.)

Enjoy the adorable photos of Kane and his family. Let me add that not seeing Brent Seabrook and Jonathan Toews standing with Kane and Keith did hurt my heart a little bit.

That’s not all for Kane’s special night. He did pick up an assist on Pius Suter‘s goal. He now has 1,066 career points and it puts him at 4th on the NHL’s All-Time Points list for US-born players. The Hawks still have to play through the third period but what a great night for a great player. Hopefully he can score a goal to close it out.

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Featured Image:  This Chicago Blackhawks Tweet

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