Sports Teams Got You Down? Watch Gabby Fly Through This Agility Course

My hockey teams (and basketball teams) have disappointed me this evening. Therefore, on this dreary Monday, we’re going to watch this little puppy named Gabby win the Westminster Kennel Club Maters Agility contest in 2019 because that is far more entertaining than any hockey highlight I can bring you tonight.

Gabby is a little 3-year-old Papillon from New York who absolutely flew through the Westminster agility course back in 2019.

Please enjoy how fast her little legs move. Personally, I love the annual dog show and agility courses yet I have no hands on experience with it– unless you count Nintendogs because then, well, I’m a world class trainer. The skill it takes to train a dog and lead them through the course is astounding so without further adieu-

She runs through the whole course in just 39.31 seconds with 0 faults. As a Nintendog trainer I can agree that that is an insane time. This video makes me want to get into agility racing because it is much more joyous than the highs and lows of NHL Hockey or NCAA basketball. They little dog who probably weights like 3 pounds looks so proud of herself out there. Sure this video is from 2019 and we don’t have a lot of competitions going on now but I’ve found a new coping mechanism. Every time one of my teams loses, I’m going to throw on these videos.

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Featured Image: Today

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