Flyers Get Their Asses Handed To Them And It’s Time For A Wake-Up Call

Woah boy, hockey was a big mistake.

Felt like absolute garbage today, I slept from about 10AM (after posting this fire animation) to about 5PM, forgot to even check my phone so to see the Flyers getting their asses absolutely annihilated was not how I wanted to start my day.

Pretty normal first period, the Flyers started down 2 goals from the Rangers’ Brendan Lemieux and Artemi Panarin. That’s a standard start, nothing too bad, ya know just work your way back from that.

Well the Flyers said “fuck you” and got scored on 7 times in the 2nd period alone. The Flyers got absolutely worked by Mika Zibanejad and the Rangers. The goals came as follows (click on the name to see the highlight):

Obviously the hot topic there, besides ya know the 7 goals, is Mika Zibanejad. Zibanejad put up 6 points in just 18:37 with the hatty and assists on both Buchevich’s goals and Trouba’s. That’s exactly the kind of player Zibanejad is, he’s so clutch and sees the ice on another level, it’s not shocking that he was able to do that.

Luckyish for Flyers’ fans (aka me) the team got their shit together enough in the third to keep the damage where it was. Hart stopped all 6 shots he faced in those 20 minutes and they were trying to create something but it was too little too late. When you’re on your ass for the first 40 of the game, you’re not going to do a whole lot in the final 20. Their play hasn’t been hot as of late, it’s a lot of close games, lucky chances, and relying on Joel Farabee to be on that night. They’re barely holding .500 and they just can’t get things clicking and it’s so frustrating after how well people know they can play. Remember when they were destroying basically every team besides the Bruins? Yeah, great times.

I hate being harsh or pessimistic but holy shit they need to get it together. This game better be a wake up call to get things done while you’re out there. Be on the puck and don’t go on autopilot for half the game. If they wanna even think about a chance at the Cup they need clean it up. Tomorrow is another game, don’t do this one again.

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Featured Image:  New York Rangers Twitter

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