Pain. Michigan Falls to Minnesota Ending Big10 Championship Bid

Welp. This hurts. Michigan has been eliminated from the Big10 Championship by Minnesota’s hand. It all started great, Michigan was winning 2-0 by the time we headed into the 3rd period. Then everything just fell apart. Let’s look at the goals first:

Michigan was once again on the board first with an absolute rocket by Kent Johnson.

Then Garrett VanWyhe sniped a goal in the late 2nd to get us up 2-0.

Aaaaand abandon all hope ye who enter here.

Minnesota got even in a matter of minutes. Michigan looked like all the wind was out of their sails by this point. They couldn’t keep the puck, could barely get shots on the net when they were in their zone. Giving up that lead led us to OT where Minnesota’s captain Sammy Walker scored the GWG. It pains me to do it but here’s the video:

Obviously, I will be cheering for Wisconsin tomorrow as I wish Minnesota to never know happiness. The Championship game is tomorrow and sure we’ve still got the NCAA tourney down the road (I think? I’m new here), it still would have been nice to pull this one out. Plus going from being up 2 to losing in OT stings like a bitch. I’m new to NCAA hockey so I’m just learning how all this works but regardless, it was a great run for Michigan. They played some great games, scored electric goals, Strauss Mann had some sick saves but when it got rough they melted like cotton candy in water.

Final thoughts from the Children of Yost:

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