John Klingberg Gets Cute Surprise In Post Game Interview

Earlier this week, Dallas Stars’ defenseman John Klingberg became a father to a beautiful little girl named Elsa. In his first game as a new dad, Stars’ captain Jamie Benn surprised Klinger during post game interview with the tiiiiniest little jersey for his baby girl, decked out with Klingberg’s number and “Daddy” on the name plate.

That’s the cutest thing in the world. Look at his smile, he’s so proud. Daddy Kinger! What a man! He had a great first game as a dad (not great if you’re a Hawks fan) with a goal in the 2nd period. Congrats to Klinger and his fiance on beautiful baby Elsa.

The Stars’ social media person also felt the need to follow that cute Klingberg photo up with this one and I– It just needed to be shared again.

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Featured Image: Dallas Stars Twitter

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