Tonight Was A Shitshow For The Blackhawks BUT The Video Messages For Kaner’s 1,000th Game Are Still Amazing

Game 1,000 for Patrick Kane was an absolute disaster on the ice. The Hawks lost 6-1 to the Dallas Stars. Although I’m a fan of both, the Hawks will always take priority in my heart so this loss stung. We started with this cute moment before everything fell apart.

And although the game was not what we wanted, we still had these lovely videos from various people congratulating Kaner on his 1,000th game. Shoutout to Bleacher Nation Chicago for tweeting all the videos out because I didn’t see half of them before that. So to numb the pain, let’s watch these cute clips.

Let’s start with the video that had every single Blackhawks fan in tears. Jonathan Toews had to come back from his absence with a lil video for Kaner. Of course Jonathan has been out since before this season because of illness. But it was a relief to get a little glimpse of him tonight before the game.

(Also crying about this.)

Next up we have Marian Hossa. The Demi-God was such a massive part of the Hawks’ success over the years and oh boy have I missed him the last few seasons. Also him thanking Kaner for getting the monkey off his back, puddle.

Then the famed moustache man himself, Joel Quenneville gave his congrats from Florida.

Coming fresh off his announced retirement this weekend we’ve got Brent Seabrook.

Now for the most handsome man in Chicago (don’t give me that look, you know I’m right.)

Sending his love from the dirty desert we have Niklas Hjalmarsson.

Coming off his own 1,000th game, Sidney Crosby sent his congrats to Kaner.

Dominik Hasek recorded his congrats here.

Who would have expected anything different from Andrew Shaw. If the camera panned down and he had “1Kane” painted on his stomach I would not have been surprised.

Aaaaand last but not least, some of Kaner’s family recorded a video to give their congrats. These are his sisters and wait till the end to see his dad.

Even though the Hawks suffered a terrible loss for tonight’s game, there were still a lot of festivities that I enjoyed. I’m sure we’ll all be crying about this again when the Hawks come back to the UC and we have to watch the highlight reel they make. So tough loss but we have another game against Dallas coming up so let’s make up for this then. Overall, congrats on the 1,000th Kaner!

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