The Isobel Cup Will Be Lifted This Year!

Earlier this year, the NWHL hit a bump in the road during their “Bubble Season” and it caused their Lake Placid games to abruptly come to an end. A lack of diligence and isolation lead to multiple players from almost every team testing positive for COVID-19. The league was forced to end the season before they handed out the Isobel Cup.

Fear not hockey fans, the NWHL just announced that we will see the Isobel Cup lifted this year. On March 26th and 27th, the final 4 teams will play their playoff games in hopes of raising the Cup. On the 26th, at 4PM CT, the Toronto Six will play the Boston Pride (that’s going to be a great game). Then after that game, the Minnesota Whitecaps will play the Connecticut Whale (~7PM CT). The winners from these two games will move on to the next day and have a chance to compete for the Isobel Cup.

The best part of all? These games will be broadcast on NBCSN! Back in February, we were supposed to watch the Semi-Finals and Finals on NBCSN but that got shot to hell after the disastrous end to the Lake Placid games. Having even more women’s games on national TV is going to do great things for the game! If you’re in Canada or elsewhere, these games will be on Twitch.

I’m happy we’re getting a conclusion to this season. If you know me then you know I’m full in on the Whitecaps but regardless of who wins, this Cup will be historic. Not just because of the whole pandemic and other bullshit. If the Six win, they’ll have won their first Cup in their first ever season. If the Whale win, they’ll have their first franchise Cup win. If either the Whitecaps or Pride win it, they’ll be the first NWHL team to win two Isobel Cup titles. PLUS if the Whitecaps win they’ll be back-to-back champs! Overall, this is going to be an amazing series.

I’ll be here to scream about the entire thing so follow along on Twitter!

(Gooo Whitecaps!)

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Featured Image:  Michelle Jay

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