Remembering the 2015 Chicago Blackhawks

It’s been a weird weekend as a Blackhawks fan. We played one of the top teams in the NHL and put on a good showcase (not counting the 6 allowed goals earlier today). We saw the end of an era with the retirement of Brent Seabrook. It’s been an emotional roller coaster. And throughout all of this I’ve been without wifi so I’m rewatching basically any movie I have on DVD. That’s led me to this Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup 2015 Champions DVD that I bought when I worked at Meijer and oh boy is it a humdinger.

Firstly, you forget how many legends were on that team. Johnny Oduya, Bryan Bickell, Scott Darling, Marian Hossa, Patrick Sharp, Brandon Saad, Tevo Teravainen, Kimmo Timonen — the list goes on and on.

But that playoff run was iconic.

It was an absolute grind through those series. Taking gown Nashville, then Minnesota, then the Ducks, and finishing it up with the God damn Tampa Bay Lightning — my second archnemesis. It was stressful the whole way. The Captain carried us on his back and the whole team followed in stride. Patrick Kane was playing at that elite level only he can reach.

I have to mention the iconic Shawzy headbutt goal. TSM (Total Shaw Move).

Patrick Sharp making the most of a biiiiiig Lightning fuck up.

And, of course, winning the Cup in front of the great city of Chicago.

If I could time travel, I’d go there and watch the boys lift the Cup in person. It’s been a hard few years since then, with so many trades and retirements, but man do I love this team. It was such a great team to grow-up with. Watching the games was awesome (I wasn’t as into hockey back then as I am now) and the city was always buzzing after they won. Even now, walking through the UC on a game day has such a special feeling, nothing I’ve felt in any other hockey stadium I’ve been to. Although the Hawks are going through it and having a rough time, this is still my mother fuckin team. Cue Chelsea Dagger baby.

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