Blackhawks Scrape Together Win In A Shootout

Hawks win 4-3 over the Tampa Bay Lightning and after last night, I’ll take it.

Last night, I was begging for a win and low and behold the Blackhawks pulled it off. The game started dark, Tampa had 2 goals early in the first period. Then, Alex DeBrincat scooped one goal which ended up as his 100th NHL career goal.

Into the second period, Brinksy scored his second goal of the game and 101st NHL goal of his career.

Brinksy kept us alive and tied until late in the game after the Lightning made the game 3-2. BUT Dominik Kubalik saved the Blackhawks with a goals to even it out again at 3-3 with 14 minutes remaining in the third.

The game was a back and forth gamble. After a goal with .1 seconds left yesterday, whose to say what will go down. Yet, the Hawks did their god damn best and kept a Lightning goal out. The shootout has always been a mess of emotions and skill, but never the less our Blackhawks prevailed. Malcolm Subban and Philipp Kurashev stepped up big with the saves and silky hands, we were able to pull off this win.

This is what we needed. I just said yesterday that winning this game was going to be key so now moving onto Sunday will be a lot less stressful. We have 3 points in 2 games, if we can pull out 5 against one of the best teams in the league we’ll be gold moving forward. Regardless, I love what the Hawks did here. After mourning the retirement of Brent Seabrook (not ready to talk about it) and celebrating the victory of a win I believe we can scrape it together and come up with another two points on Sunday. This was a great game for Chicago and I’m fully ready to keep it goin’.

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Featured Image:  CHASE AGNELLO-DEAN/Getty Images

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