Brutal Heartbreak But I’m Optimistic

If you know me, you know that Tampa is one of my archnemesis(es?) — second only to St. Louis — and they proved it once again tonight. The Blackhawks faced the Lightning and all was well until the 3rd period BUT the heartbreak comes with an insane OT GWG.

First period was fine, no goals but we were keeping up with Tampa. The Hawks got things cooking in the second. Ryan Carpenter had a shorty, then 7 minutes later Alex DeBrincat scooped his 99th career goal on a deflection. A 2-0 lead to the third, not bad, not bad.

Well, ya see, that’s when everything started to unravel. The Lightning scored 2 early goals in the 3rd and we were unable to answer them. The Hawks didn’t just completely collapse, they had some strong moments but nothing they could formulate into another goal. So this one goes into OT and I will admit I had hope. But as you can tell by the title of this blog, things did not go our way.

A goal scored with .1 seconds left. Zero. Point. Fucking. One. Seconds. Left. That stings like a bitch.

And although I am still bummed out and my disdain for that city is glowing very brightly, there are still positives in this game that have left me optimistic for the next two. Firstly, we still got a point from this one. Tampa is one of the best teams in the league plus they’ve only lost 1 game in OT. We dominated them at times and played a good game. Bring that into the remainder of the weekend and we’ll be dandy. I’m happy with the overall game despite the ending. That sucks but we just played the Stanley Cup Champs (Stars fan say ouch), came out with a strong game, and kept up better than most. Fine tune those shots, dust off the PP and we’re golden for tomorrows 60.

That’s my closing message. Tomorrow is a new day and a new game. Get on ’em early and kill their hope. Shred their hope. And uhh one last thing? Be optimistic.

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Featured Image:  Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

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