McJesus Raced Souperman And It Has Given Me An All-Star Event Idea

Connor best be happy we’re probably not having an All-Star weekend because he might have someone else to fear in the Speed Skater. Today, during the Leafs pounding on the Oilers, Ilya Mikheyev and Connor McDavid had a little race for the puck and Souperman kicked on his Souper-jets.

It’s no easy feat to beat McDavid when he’s flying up the ice but Mikheyev did it. And it gave me a little idea. If we did the Speed Skater at the All-Star game like this, two players facing one another and running it like a bracket, it would be so much more entertaining. These guys are competitive by nature, have them chase someone in competition and they’ll play like it’s Game 7 OT. Or like Santa’s Little Helper at the Dog Track in the Simpson’s when he’s chasing the bunny rabbit (is that too sad???). Doing the lap round the ice would maybe be a little too dangerous with two people so just do the straight away and it would be gold. Also that would be the mic’d up event of the year. When I ran track, I talked shit when I passed people (which was not often), could you imagine what they would say to one another?

Better yet, Mikheylev passed McDavid, put him up against Barzal considering he’s the reigning champ. I like the All-Star events because you get to see all different players and maybe there’s drama (Example: Tkachuk and Draitsaitl last year) but the events get redundant. Spice things up, build some rivalries, make the All-Star events interesting again.

Now I will leave you with McDavid just doing his damn best to stay onside.

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