Dylan Cozens’s First NHL Fight Is A Doozy

I would not have pinged Dylan Cozens for much of a fighter but after he flattened Ryan Lindgren earlier today, I’d give him his due in another scrap.

20-year-old Sabres’ rookie Dylan Cozens threw hands with 23-year-old Ranger player Ryan Lindgren. From the jump, Lindgren didn’t stand a chance.

Cozens started with heavy hits and he did not let up for the whole fight, he even knocks the mouth guard right out of Lindgren’s mouth. Cozens is a highly skilled, 6’3″ 188 lbs centre and I would not have thought he could fight like this. As far as I can see he didn’t scrap in his WHL years so what a way to handle your first NHL fight. I doubt this will be the last time we see him drop the gloves but I think he’ll hold his own just fine.

Here’s the fight from another angle with grade A commentary:

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Featured Image: Screenshot from this video

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