Who Will Score a Michigan Goal First: Nils Hoglander or Trevor Zegras

I don’t care if you call it the Michigan, the lacrosse goal, the whatever– my new bet is which of these two will score one first. Tonight alone both Trevor Zegras and Nils Hoglander attempted to score the Michigan goal in two separate hockey games so I will now be taking bets on who will do it first.

Sure, this goal is nothing new to the NHL but it’s still fascinating when players go for it. These two rookies have a particular history with this goal that’s made it intriguing.

Nils Hoglander has found success with this goal in the past. Back at the 2020 World Juniors, Hoglander scored one for Team Sweden against Team Finland.

That was all the way back in December 2019 (what feels like a different century). Then tonight, Nils seemed like he was thinking about trying to pull it off against the Jets. You can tell he was gonna try it but he could just not get the puck up in time.

Put the “Girl, I was just thinkin’ about it, I’m not gonna do it” TikTok audio on that.

Then, over on the West coast, Trevor Zegras got a lot closer than Nils on his shot attempt. He was so close to scoring his first NHL goal with that one.

He tried to pull one off at the World Juniors this year and he so cleverly faked one to throw a goalie off in the AHL last month. This kid is trying the Michigan once a month just for shits and giggles.

One of these kids are going to score a Michigan before the season is out, the question is which of these rookies will get one first. Personally, I have my money on Zegras. He’s trying this out once a month like clockwork and if he was just a liiiiittle more to the right, that would have been his first NHL goal. There is still time on the clock. Let me know who you think will score the lacrosse goal first: Zegras or Hoglander?

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