SHOWTIIIIIIME! It took 996 career games for Patrick Kane to cap off his 400th career goal. Showtime scooped number 400 tonight against Detroit in a truly Kaner fashion. He had the puck, held it back for a sec, before absolutely sniping it past the goalie.

Then, Kaner gave a great post game interview where he talked about how much this goal meant to him. Listen, I’m emotional. Kaner (and the OG core) are what made me fall in love with hockey so to see him get emotional makes me emotional. It’s one of those if you cry I cry moments. Anyway you can listen to it right here:

Kane is the 4th Blackhawks to hit 400 goals. He’s also the 10th active player, the 9th US born player, and the 100th NHL player to ever do this. Amazing night for Kaner and the Blackhawks but before you know it we’ll be celebrating him again because he’s going to hit 1,000 NHL games. Congrats to the greatest ever.

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Featured Image: Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

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