Stars vs Lightning Rematch Begins With A Tussle

The Stars came out swinging tonight.

The 2020 Stanley Cup Final rematch has started tonight and if you know me, you know I’m a die hard Stars fan still pissed off about our loss in the Final. So I am absolutely deeeeelighted that this one started with a fight. A rivalry has been brewing between these two for a few seasons and now following last year, I wanted it to boil over. I wanted Dallas to step up and show Tampa that we’re still a big, bad team that’s gonna get in their way and fuck up their day.

So Jamie Oleksiak and Pat Maroon squaring off just minutes into game one is a beautiful sight.

(The Razor commentary never gets old).

This series of games are going to keep that animosity brewing. There was a moment between Roope Hintz and Mikhail Sergachev where I thought it would get physical but refs stepped in. Maybe in the future and I’ll put all my money on Roope.

The Lightning are up 1 headed into the second but time will tell. I hope Dallas comes back and gives them a swift kick in the ass. Regardless, I’ll be holding onto my vow to never go back to Tampa Bay no matter the outcome.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from this video

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