I’m Back In My Prince Harry Phase

Today, James Corden dropped this video of him hanging out with Prince Harry of the two of them goofing off around LA and I am here to say that I’m firmly back in my Prince Harry phase.

Who am I kidding I never left. I have a FunkoPop of this man on my desk.

It’s a noticeable pattern in my life that I have a thing for British gingers (Ed Sheeran, Ron Weasley) and all of that goes back to my first male celebrate crush — Prince Harry. I have been in love with Prince Harry since I was like 8-years-old, back when he was in the pretty, party boy, bad boy phase of his life. My little heart said “yep, that’s the one, prince of my dreams”. Although there was all the press and that surrounding him, he always came off as a nice, quiet guy once you got to know him. Since stepping back from the big blinding spotlight of royal life, he’s shown a bit more of his personality and the dude is hilarious. He’s sarcastic and silly, he’ll be honest about his thoughts, he’s a good dad, and he can kick ass at a Spartan race. The video is a good inside look into what a cool guy he is, highly recommend.

Overall: 10/10 guy, would die for him. He deserves all the happiness in the God Damn world. Here are my closing statements on the topic:

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