Minnesota and New Hampshire’s PWHPA Teams Have Their Names Just In Time For Game Day

The team names came just in time for game day!

The PWHPA announced this afternoon that their Minnesota and New Hampshire hub teams have received their names. The Minnesota Hub city will be called Team Adidas while the New New Hampshire squad will be called Team WSF (Women’s Sports Foundation). Personally, I’m full in on Team Adidas. I wrote about how stacked this roster is a few months back and now they’ve got fire jerseys to back it up.

The New Hampshire and Minnesota teams will play one another this Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night, you can watch that game on the CBC Sports App, it’ll be at 7 PM CT. Sunday is the big show! At Madison Square Garden, these two teams will face off at 6PM CT and you can watch it right on your TV– it’ll be on NHL Network, Sportsnet 360, and SN Now. I’m biased so I’ll be taking Minnesota as the victor in both.

Regardless, I am sooo excited. So many of these players are my favorite in the sport and having them play one another is going to be entertaining as hell. If you want some more information about these games check out here. Just glance over these rosters and look how many champions and Olympians there are. There will be a rematch for these teams in a week as well. It’s a great time for women’s hockey. These are gonna be great games!

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Featured Image: From the PWHPA

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