Patrick Kane Has 7 Points in 2 Games, Don’t Know Why I’m Surprised

You’d think after having Patrick Kane on my team for 14 years, I would stop being absolutely flabbergasted at how amazing he is. Yet here I am, in awe of his game play this season.

In 20 games played, Kaner has 30 points (9G 21A). In the absence of so many top players, he’s been a steady presence out there with this young Hawks team. He’s been the same Kaner we’ve known and loved– scoring insane goals and saving the day when needed. The past 2 games, he’s been on another level with 7 points (2G 5A) in a total of 48:01 minutes on the ice.

This includes his insane Spin-O-Rama goal against the Carolina Hurricanes this past Friday. Also in that game, Kane had 2 assists– one on Ian Mitchell‘s 2nd NHL goal and the other on Carl Soderberg‘s futile PP goal late in the 3rd.

Flash forward to today where Kaner put up 4 points in 23:43 of ice time against the Columbus Blue Jackets. His goal was the Hawks’ 2nd of the game, a snipe on a Suter pass.

Then those 3 assists came on goals from Carl Soderberg, Brandon Hagel (his first in the NHL), and Adam Boqvist. Sure the Hawks played a bit allover the place but what a stint for Kane.

I’m so God damn happy to have him on my team. Every night he gets out there and performs and who knows where the fuck we would be without him. I feel like he’s huge for the Hawks both on the ice and off of it. When it comes to leaders, we have Kane and Duncan Keith, who takes care of all the little D-men/kittens, but after that it’s a drop off. Sure there’s de Haan and Soderberg who have 8 years under there belts and of course DeBrincat who is shaping up to be a fine heir to the captain throne when Toews retires (in 30 years), but they haven’t been with this team through the highs and lows. Through Stanley Cup wins and early playoff departures. They’re not the core leadership who built this teams reputation with their bare hands. Maybe it’s just my trust issues but I’d trust this team with Kaner and Duncs before anyone else on the healthy roster.

Heading through the rest of these games, Kaner is gonna need to stay at this level. The team is killing it and following his lead well. Keep that going and the wins will keep coming. I’ve been beating the same drum over and over again. Just keep this team going, get players back from injury, and we’ll be aces by playoffs. I’m loving the Kaner points, I’m loving this energy, and God damn do I love this team.

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Featured Image: Jason Mowry/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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