Wake Up With This Sick Elias Pettersson Goal

GOOOOOOOOD MORNING. Happy Monday. Last night, the NHL finished up their weekend at Lake Tahoe with the Bruins kicking Philly’s ass but that wasn’t the last game of the night.

We had the Winnipeg Jets face the Vancouver Canucks in a late game. The Canucks played well but lost it in OT. Instead of going through the woes of this game, we’re talking about one man’s amazing goal.

Before you start your day, you gotta check out this goal from Elias Pettersson. Petey hasn’t been as flashy this season as he’d usually be by now but irregardless, he has all my faith and love– here’s why. Watch this bananalands goal:

Between the legs, behind his back, on the fucking backhand. INSANE. I’ve watched it like 6 times on repeat and it never fails to amaze me. That was just Petey’s 1st goal of the game. In the final 60 seconds of the 3rd period, he hit the post and took off Connor Hellebuyck‘s mask before he got his 2nd goal, which tied the game and pushed us into OT. Although it ended quickly in a Jets W, it still got the team a much needed point so wanna know what, I’ll take it.

Pistol Pete has 7 goals in the first 22 games of the season. Sure, it been a shaky start for the 22-year-old Swede but he’s still the same talented as hell player he’s always been. Hopefully, he’ll be off to the races after this one. Before you finish that coffee, check it out from another angle:

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Featured Image: Screenshot from this Canucks Tweet

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