Pasta La Vista With The Hatty! Game 2 At Lake Tahoe Is A Success (Unless You’re the Flyers)

Safe to say that Day 2 at Lake Tahoe was a lot better than Day 1. The sun wasn’t our enemy and we had Dusty R. Gooch back, not to mention we had a high scoring hockey game to watch. The Bruins worked the floor with the Flyers in this Sunday’s outdoor game.

David Pastrnak got on the Flyer’s ass early. Pasta got Goal #1 just :34 seconds into the first period. The Flyers got 2 of their own right back coming from Joel Farabee (6:41) and Sean Couturier (14:48). Buuuuut knowing the Flyers, they can’t fold a lead for the life of them– Charlie McAvoy swooped in and tied things up 15:27 into the first. This gif of McAvoy’s goal is probably the prettiest goal ever scored, scenery-wise.

The Flyers had their moments in the second period but for the most part, it was all Bruins. The B’s had 4 goals in all:

No surprise that after a 6-2 score going into the 3rd, Carter Hart was pulled from the Philly net. The Flyers got one more on the board from James van Riemsdyk (12:45) buuuuut Pasta threw the nail in the coffin about 5 minutes after that with the hatty completing goal (17:04).

A smooooooother game than yesterday’s but a rough one if you’re the Flyers. Sure, they’re missing most of their top guys due to COVID Protocol but they’ve also been bad against the Bruins all season. The Bruins just absolutely dominates them whenever they play so I shouldn’t be shocked (I did have a little hope).

Regardless, entertaining as hell game and absolutely beautiful scenery. Even with the shaky start yesterday, I’d chalk this one up as a success. If the NHL wanted to do more games like this in the future, I’d love it. I liked how it looked early in the first with the setting sun. You don’t get that in a stadium. So in the future if we’re doing this over stadium games, I’m so in.

Let me leave you with this ALL-TIME Pasta moment:

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Featured Image: The Boston Bruins

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