The Hawks Are Running The Show

Get in the rally wagon, rats, we’re going to the stratosphere. The Hawks are absolutely runnin the show right now, and by show I mean my mind. They’ve occupied every space and for a damn good reason. They’ve been a joy to watch as of late.

The Blackhawks have improved themselves to 9-5-4 on the season and they’ve gone 7-1-1 in the last 9. They’ve played a steady game. Sure, they can use a shot of urgency here or there but overall, this is so much better than I thought we’d be this season.

The rookies have been kicking ass for starters. We have 6 rookies on the roster and they’ve all been aces. I mean tonight alone, goalie Kevin Lankinen got his first NHL shutout in his 12th game starting. His record is now up to 7-2-3. Then we had rookie Philipp Kurashev score his 5th NHL goal– an absolutely dirty slice through the Red Wings and in 5-hole.

Even through the ups and downs, these kids have worked well and kept their heads. I mean imagine getting thrown into the NHL and having all these people say your team is gonna be dogshit that season. Most of the core lineup is out injured or were traded away this season. There’s just 5 players who have more than 5 years of NHL experience. That’s quite a bit of responsibility. It’s a lot to prove but the Hawks are currently 2nd in the Central with this tag team of players. They’ve done awesome, they’ve taken everyone’s expectations and shoved them right back in people’s faces and I love it.

We still have a stretch to go before any real important make-or-break-playoff-games come up. I think as the season continues we’re only going to get stronger and stronger. Let’s keep the ball rolling and then get some of the others back from injury to become a powerhouse. Keep the faith and let’s fuckin ride. I love this team, I love this city, let’s party and keep winning games.

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Featured Image: Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images

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