PWHPA Is Coming Back To Chicago!

The Dream Gap Tour is coming back to Chicago baby! The PWHPA announced earlier today that they would be coming back to Chicago for a two-game showcase that will be broadcast on NBCSN. Absolutely amazing!

The PWHPA came to Chicago back in October of 2019 and I was able to attend. I’ve said time and time again how these games were some of the best I’ve ever seen. Having them back in Chicago will be awesome.

Not to mention having these games on NBCSN is gonna be lit! I was so sad after the NWHL had to cut their season off before they got to play their finals on NBCSN. Having some of the best players on the planet playing on our TV screens is going to be fantastic.

These games will be played on March 6th and 7th. You bet your ass I’m gonna be watching and blogging about them so be sure to follow me for more coverage.

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Featured Image: Via the PWHPA's press release

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