The Leafs Just Leaf’d And The Hockey Force Is Balanced

There’s just 3 constants in this life:

Death, Taxes, Leafs leafing.

We all know that the Leafs gonna Leaf a few games here or there but hooooly was this one atrocious.

All was faring well for the Leafs headed into the 3rd period. They were up 5-2 and playing well. It would have been a lovely night for them, had shit not gotten real.

Suddenly it’s the start of the 3rd and the Sens kick up the heat with a goal just 41 seconds into the period. A first NHL goal for Artem Zub. That’s lovely but no need for the Leafs to panic just yet. (Also sick goal Zub)

Then the Sens get another and oh shit this is a one goal game.

Mr. Connor Brown swoops in to give the Ottawa team some hope with just 15 minutes remaining. It was at this point that I jumped on the bandwagon for the Leafs to fully Leaf. You can’t do anything in halves, gotta fully commit.

Then, the saving grace Hail Mary of it all — Evgenii Dadonov ties it up with just 2 minutes to go in the game. The Leafs had successfully blown a 5-1 lead in just under 21 minutes of play.

The pain for Leaf fans did not end there obviously. Dadonov was the one to complete the comeback just 2:19 into OT.

Absolutely insane game for a Monday night. The Leafs have been pretty unshakable this season so it was about time that they had an earthquake, especially to Ottawa. I think they’ll just let this one roll off their back moving forward, you gotta. Dwell on a game like this and you’re just screwing yourself over. It’s expected for the Leafs to do this — we literally made it into a verb — so if I’m them, I’m wiping this memory and looking forward to the next two against Ottawa.

If I’m literally anyone else on the planet (and oh look at that, I am), I’d be laughing my ass off because there is finally some balance to the Hockey Force. I will leave you with this–

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Featured Image: Ottawa Senators Twitter

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