Grab A SodaPop And Watch Some Old Cartoons

Maybe it’s because I’m pretty hungover, or maybe it’s the holiday but whatever the cause may be, I’m feeling nostalgic today.

Growing up we had these dollar store DVDs that had a whole collection of old cartoons from the 40’s and 50’s on them. Those videos were my favorite, I’d watch those bad boys on a loop. Today I fell down a rabbit hole on YouTube trying to find some of those old cartoons. Problem 1– I have an absolute dog shit memory about my childhood. I only remember screenshots and small blips of emotion so tracking some of these down was a trip. Regardless, here’s 5 of them that I could find and feel the need to share.

Tarts & Flowers – 1950

THIS. This was my absolute favorite cartoon as a kid and I think it was mostly because I’m in love with Miss Angel Cakes. My everlasting love for Miss Angel Cake is high up on my “Signs I Wasn’t Straight” list.

Somewhere in Dreamland – 1936

This one gave me a different kind of trauma. My fear of being a burden was awoken by this video. Regardless, reminds me of Candy Land so 10/10.

The Stork’s Mistake – 1942

I always wanted to give this little guy a hug when I was a kid. If I could hug a skunk I would.

Who Killed Cock Robin? – 1935

I don’t remember this one from my youth but fantastic name and even better theme song.

Hell’s Bells – 1929

Wanna traumatize your kids? The demons, that spider, milking a dragon? Satan himself? Years of terror condensed down to just a few minutes.

I’m so annoyed that I can’t exactly remember the other cartoons or the DVD they came on. There’s so many weird ones that I’ve probably repressed out of existence at this point. It’s cool to see where cartoons started compared to where they are now. I love making my silly little animations but these are so much cooler because they took so much time and dedication. I could watch these all day and it was nice to have a little break from sports for this.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from Tarts and Flowers

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