It’s Fight Night in New York


When it comes to hockey, there’s nothing like chuckin knucks. Tonight’s Boston Bruins and New York Rangers’ game is full of ’em. First in the ring was Brendan Lemiuex and Trent Frederic and they went HAM! That’s probably one of the best fights we’ve seen in the NHL in a while.

About 6 minutes after that, Jeremy Lauzon and Pavel Buchnevich threw down the gauntlet with another Grade A tilt. Lauzon had some hammers for Buchevich.

These teams absolutely hate each other and you can feel it through the damn screen. One of the great things to come out of this season is the animosity between teams. It’s like a rekindling of old rivalries. The Rangers and Bruins have been re-building their hatred for one another this season. There’s always the “Original Six” rivalries but some of them don’t burn as bright as they used to. It’s like this one had been chucked back in the kiln and it’s getting red hot. There’s still a bit of time left in this game and I’m hoping for another tilt in this one.

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