Grab Your Cowboy Hat: Yellowstone Is Getting A Prequel Baby!

I don’t know jack about football and frankly I can care less who won BUT I did watch part of the Super Bowl and here is the only thing I cared about. “Yellowstone”, one of the best shows I’ve watched in a long time, is getting it’s own prequel and for this one, we’re going back to 1883.

Yes, that’s right 1883, the beginning of the Yellowstone ranch. Not just that. The 1880s were in the mist of the golden age of cowboys. Back then, in the true Wild West, cowboys roamed the Great Plains looking for cattle to drive. The 1880s and 90s, specifically, were when most of the land out West was claimed up and feuds between land owners were running at a fever pitch. These are topics the show has already covered but I’m excited to see the beginning of it all.

If you know anything about me then you know I looooove cowboys, wish I was one, so any chance to get some more of it – specifically in this time period – I fucking love it. As much as I’ll love learning the Dutton’s back story, I hope there’s still stories about the daily life of the cowboys, like how the show has now. I would kill for a show that’s just about the daily life of the bunkhouse.

The show drops sometime this year. I, being the idiot I am with no concept of time, tweeted how I was upset we had to wait 10 months for the show to drop. Well low and behold, I forgot it is 2021 so woo-hoo, LFG. I’m sure whenever it airs I’ll binge the entire thing but until then, I’ll have to rewatch the main show and replay Red Dead Redemption 2.

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