PWHPA Is Playing February 28th And I Need Them to Be on Their A Game

It was announced yesterday that the NWHL wouldn’t be finishing their Isobel Cup Final but the PWHPA came through with some more women’s hockey to fill the void. The PWHPA will play a game at Madison Square Garden on February 28th at 6PM CT.

The PWHPA is partnering with the New York Rangers, they’re the first NHL game to do so. This game will kick off another Dream Gap Tour for the PWHPA. You can read more from the organizations here.

We saw plenty of interest in the women’s game during the past few months and I’ve given my opinions on the PWHPA during that time. I think what they’re pushing for is great, I’m excited to see these games but they’ve got high standards to meet. The NWHL made their games easily accessible using Twitch, they were all over it on the socials and if the PWHPA wants to prove their case, they’re gonna have to be up there.

I don’t see anywhere if they’re gonna stream this game. HOPEFULLY they do, if they can get it on Twitch that would be lit. If they can’t stream it, they’ll have to be on their A Game tweeting about it. This can be a big thing for women’s hockey but they’ll need to be loud. They can’t retweet things every few days or just not tweet highlights like they have in the past. They need to be engaged, they need to be in people’s faces. The PWHPA has some of the best players hockey has ever seen, they need to showcase that at maximum volume.

Regardless, I am so excited for this game. It’s gonna be amazing and holy shit do I miss watching a lot of these players. I’ll cover all the games here so be sure to follow me for more.

Check out this interview with Jayna Hefford where she talks about the PWHPA:

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Featured Image: Screenshot from the Rangers tweet

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