Chicago Win Their 4th With Impressive W and I’m Feeling Positive

What did I tell you? I said in my blog about Brinksy that if the Hawks could keep up their energy and stay on Carolina’s ass that they could win.

And would you look. at. that.

The Hawks just snapped Carolina’s 5 game win streak with a sweet 6-4 victory. The Hawks were in need of a win like this. Beating Carolina and keeping up with them shows that this team has the legs to stay with other teams in the division. The power play was good, the PK was even better. Brinksy is awake, Kaner is still being electric. This team isn’t dead to me.

If the boys can keep going like this, just take it a game at a time and avoid going down bad, I’m not mad about where we’re headed. Are we winning the Cup or even making playoffs? No, probably not. BUT we’re not dead in the water like everyone thought. Apply that method that Team USA had in Juniors – just take it one team at a time – and I won’t hate where we are going.

Just keep the legs kicking, keep our heads above water. Our team is comprised of mostly AHL call ups and rookies. If we build some strong foundations now and get back Toews and Dach, we’ll be in a better spot than we thought we were gonna be. As long as we’re not last and eatin ass, can’t say I’ll be upset. Next up is Dallas and they’re a tough customer. Do not give Pavelski the time and space, be mindful of Benn and Radulov, score on Khudobin early. And no matter fuckin what, just keep kicking.

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Featured Image: Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

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