I’ll Take Jamie Benn Snipes For 300

After missing some time with a LBI, captain Jamie Benn is back and he’s back with vengeance. Jamie was injured in the first Stars game of their season on January 22nd. He missed the four following games before making is return against Carolina on the 31st. Jamie’s been all gas and no breaks since then. He scored his first goal of the season in that return as well as adding an assist for 2 points and 19 minutes played.

Tonight, he was right back on the horse with 3 more points, one of which was a sick little snipe on the goalie’s doorstep.

I love to see Benn back on the ice and lighting it up. He’s got 5 points in 2 games, following steady on Joe Pavelski‘s snowprints. The Stars benefit heavily with him on the ice and scoring like this, that’s only gonna mean good things moving forward. I’d love to see him making those big hits but coming off an injury I’m not surprised that he isn’t out there smacking people around just yet.

The Stars are a wagon and having Big Bad Jamie Benn back out there is great news. They’ve been electric to watch especially with Joe Pavelski putting on a show and now with Jamie, it’s just even better. Wait until we get Tyler Seguin back and it’s an absolute circus.

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Featured Image: ESPN

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