Alex DeBrincat Is Back and Ready To Go

The Cat is back and he’s ready to go.

In their 4-3 loss to Carolina, the Hawks played a good game. They stuck with Carolina, who was 5-1-0 heading into the game, until the very end. This game was especially good for Alex DeBrincat. Alex made his return to the Blackhawks after missing a few games on the COVID Protocol and he did well. The first game back is always a rough one and he put up 2 assists in the 21:59 he played. Brinks also had 4 shots on goal and 1 hit registered in the game.

The Hawks have been scraping through this season and managing with various injuries. Having DeBrincat out as well was like another pound of salt in the wound. Despite the loss, I think this game will do good things for the Hawks confidence. They know that when they put the work in, they’ll be able to keep up with some of the better teams in their “division”. Carolina only had 1 loss headed into this one and the Hawks put them to the test a number of times. The Hawks are frustrated now but they know that they can be better and keep up. They’ll play Carolina again on Thursday and should they really get on it early, I think we’ll do well. After that it’s Dallas. Dallas has been really good and I’m torn between the two as a fan of both but I think if Chicago can stay on their feet, they have a fair chance.

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Featured Image: Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

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