Pride Comeback And Force A Game 3

Add yesterday’s blog onto my “Reasons Not To Gamble” list. I had the Beauts winning this one and the Pride came out and shocked us all. In a win-or-go-home duel against the Buffalo Beauts, the Pride scored 6 unanswered goals to keep themselves in the running.

After a scoreless first period, the Pride saw 3 goals from 3 separate players. Mallory Souliotis, McKenna Brand, and Sammy Davis all put goals in the back of the net during the second period. Despite Carly Jackson and the Beauts best efforts, the Pride picked up another 3 goals in the 3rd. Souliotis get her second goal and the remaining two came from Lauren Kelly and Meghara McManus.

Watch the insane final goal from McManus:

Amazing game for the Pride and a big refection of the team we saw last season. The Pride would come in and decimate teams much like we saw tonight. They have to bring this big energy tomorrow or they’re done. The Beauts will need to stand tall in front of their goalies and get some scoring opportunities if they wanna see the semifinals.

This series all comes down to tomorrow’s final game. I honestly don’t know who will win. Regardless, you’re gonna wanna watch this one.

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