You Get An OT Goal. And YOU Get An OT Goal! 6 OT GWGs From Today

In a day of 12 NHL games, we were bound to see an OT game here or there. Well, we’ve had 6 (so far).

So let’s catch you up on every since OT GWG.

Jack Eichel’s Shootout winner:

Of the regulatory 6 shooters, Jack Eichel was the only one to score so his goal was credited as the one to win it.

Aleksi Heponiemi First NHL Goal:

First NHL game, first NHL point, Aleksi Heponiemi wins it for the Panthers on a back door winner. (The celly is the header image because it is too God damn pure.)

Scott Laughton Save Philly:

Scott Laughton saves Philly’s ass after they gave up their 2-0 lead and were pushed to OT. Loved how he danced through the Isles before he ended it.

Sid The Kid:

I don’t need to say anything further. You know Sid and his lazer beams.

Ovi Returns With Vengeance:

His first game off that COVID list, Alex Ovechkin won the game for the Capitals with a snipe past Tuukka Rask.

Connor McDavid Bein’ McJesus:

After an electric second period, the 3rd went scoreless. Into OT Connor McDavid decided to end quick with this goal. McJesus was in full effect tonight.

There’s 2 more games on now so I’m just hoping we have no more OT for this blog sake. These OT’s were like a blast from the past. I mean Ovi and Sid’s goals came just a minute apart in real time. It’s like the early days when everything was Sid vs Ovi. Then you got The Next Great One winning his game 11 minutes after that. Gotta love Saturday night hockey.

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Featured Image: Florida Panthers Twitter

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