We Got a Battle Of The Superstars Tonight

The second period of this Leafs/Oilers game has been electric. To start, we got Connor McDavid doing McJesus shit. The man takes a pass next to his own goalie and powers down the ice all the way to his own goal to score this beauty. Knowing Connor, we shouldn’t be all that shocked but hot damn was this a phenomenal goal.

Well you’d think that the Oilers would be set with that lead for the period. No, it’s the Oilers and the Leafs, expect the unexpected.

Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews teamed up for this sick top shelf goal that got the Leafs within one goal. I could watch this goal on loop. The way their passes connect back and forth are legit. The perfect shot into the net. All of it is magic.

Lastly, because McDavid can’t catch a break, the Leafs scored again a little over a minute later to tie the game. Zach Hyman was responsible for this one.

This game started a little slow but it’s kicking up as we head into the 3rd. You can’t go wrong with a McDavid/Matthews match-up and they sure as shit haven’t disappointed. The 3rd is with all the marbles and I think we’ll see the Leafs pull it out. Maybe another AM34 goal gets that W but it will be worth the watch for sure.

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