Whitecaps Are 3-0 To Start The Season!

In a game that went right down to the wire, Haley Mack comes in to save the Whitecap’s day again.

Something we didn’t see this opening weekend is a game staying at stagnant 0-0. Now 7 games into the season, it was about time we saw it happen. The game came down to the last 10 seconds where Mack snipes the GWG (video above). I love what we’ve seen from Mack so far. She’s just 3 games into her rookie season and she’s already being a game changer for the team. Just last game when the Caps went to the 5th round of a shootout, Haley Mack was the one to save the day with that winning goal.

Hop on the wagon now lads and gents, we’re headed to the top. I am so confident in this team, I’m ready to run through a brick wall. They play the Whale on Thursday at 7:30PM CT and I think they’ll beat them. The Whale are 1-1, we’re 3-0, they’ll both be coming off some rest days. It will be an awesome game for sure butttt-


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