Whitecaps vs Six Crank Goals Up To 11

After how the Six played yesterday, I not ready for this Whitecaps/Six game to be this intense. The Whitecaps beat the Pride yesterday (no shock there) but the Six were shutout by the Riveters so colour me surprised that they scored 3 goals in the first period alone. The Caps had a single goal from Sydney Baldwin in this period and it seemed like this was going to be a tough game for us.

Then in the 2nd period, the Six put up 2 more goals from Breanne Wilson-Bennett and Emily Fluke to set themselves at 5-1. That’s the last goals the Six would score for the entire game.

Quickly after Fluke’s goal (31 seconds to be exact), Haylea Schmid of the Whitecaps scored to get the game 5-2. Then less than a minute later Haley Mack got us to 5-3 headed into the 3rd.

The third period was intense. SO many penalties, so many shots that juuuust missed the net. This ended up being an amazing period for the Whitecaps. Audra Richards scored an awesome a shorthanded goal 13 minutes into the period. They needed just one goal to get it tied up and have a shot at winning the game.

Meaghan Pezon said “say no more”.

Of course, we headed into OT and it looked like the Six were going to end it. Amanda Leveille stopped 4 shots from the Six, two of which were back to back with 10 seconds remaining in OT. Lots of nerves which is why the shootout was even more stressful.

I said it yesterday after the Whale/Beauts game. I hate shootouts. Today just proved that again because I felt like my heart was beating out of my chest. So imagine how I felt when this shootout went 5 rounds. I will thank every star in the sky for Haley Mack. And Amanda Leveille but that much was obvious.

The Minnesota Whitecaps are 2-0 to start the season and I loooove to see it. We face the Riveters on Tuesday at 4:30PM CT. The Rivs are currently tied with the Whale headed into the 2nd period. The Riveters will be a real test but with how relentless this Whitecaps team is, I’m not too worried. Rooooll Caps!

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Featured Image: Michelle Jay

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