ICYMI: Pius Suter Scored First Goal And First Hatty Against Detroit Today

Earlier today, the Blackhawks played the Red Wings and Pius Suter was the star of the show. Not only did Suter score his first NHL goal but the rookie got a hat trick in his 6th NHL game. All 3 goals came out of just 5 shots on net. I’ve liked what we’ve seen from Suter so far and this just makes him even better.

Pius got his first ever NHL goal just 4:42 into the game. Then 5 minutes and 2 seconds later (9:44) Suter got his second goal of the period and his career on the power play.

Suter had to wait until 12:28 into the 3rd period to get the final goal. It was an absolute rocket to the back of the net. All the goals are in the video below but I cannot get over the pictures.

Now, look at these pictures from Suter’s goals. I feel like a proud parent showing them off but it’s just too cute.

The celly after Suter’s first goal of his NHL career. So precious. (Via the Blackhawk’s twitter)
This was the celly after Suter’s last goal. Look at Kaner pick up the puck for him, adorable. (Via Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images)

The Hawks will play the Predators on Tuesday. The Preds are currently losing to the Dallas Stars so I have some hope that their spirits will be broken enough that the Hawks can come in and kick their asses. Now that Suter has broken the seal on NHL scoring hopefully he’ll continue this fire streak into the next games.

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Featured Image: Chicago Blackhawks Twitter

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