We Have NWHL Hockey Today! Here’s My Preview For Opening Weekend

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. LFG.

After months of being without the NWHL, we finally have it back today. I gave you a lil get to know about the NWHL a while back. Today, I wanna just talk a bit about opening weekend.

First and foremost, in the “Get to Know the NWHL” series, I gave you players to watch but some of those players, like Taylor Accursi and Amanda Boulier, will not be at Lake Placid for Playoffs. There are a few more players that aren’t attending so shoutout to Mike Murphy for compiling this nice little list.

It sucks that they won’t be there because some of them are the best in the league. However, it is awesome that they will still receive full pay for the season.

Back to Opening Weekend. Starting at 12 PM CT, we’ll have women’s hockey for FREE on Twitch almost every day. The only two days we won’t have an games are Monday and Fridays (except for the Isobel Cup Final on Friday, February 5th).

Anyway, let’s dive in to the six games happening this weekend!

Saturday, January 23rd- 3 games

12:00 PM CT: Toronto Six vs Metropolitan Riveters

This will probably be one of the most electric games in this NWHL season. Firstly, it will be the Six’s first game ever. On top of that, based off social media interaction, it’s a general consciences that the Riveters have become the most popular and well loved team in the NWHL. I thought that the Rivs would run out of seats for their cardboard fan cutouts.

As far as this game goes, I think the Six might need a period to get themselves set up. I don’t like to really judge how a team will work together until I see it with my own eyes. They’ve played inner squad games but not against other NWHL teams. The Riveters are a powerhouse in every sense of the word so I think they’ll be hot out of the gate. Keep an eye on Madison Packer and Kelly Babstock from the Riveters, they’ll be awesome for sure.

3:00 PM CT: Boston Pride vs Minnesota Whitecaps

A rematch for the 2020 Isobel Cup Final That Never Happened. What a start to this season, eh? The Pride were the top of the league last season and the Whitecaps were second so this will be a high-scoring, goalie showdown. Goalies Lovisa Selander (Pride) and Amanda Leveille (Whitecaps) are superstars and with how stacked these teams are offensively, I bet we’ll see plenty of highlight reel saves.

I’ve made it well known that I love the Whitecaps so they’re who I’m cheering for in this one. Bet on Allie Thunstrom (Whitecaps) and Jillian Dempsy (Pride) getting on the scoresheet.

6:00 PM CT: Connecticut Whale vs Buffalo Beauts

To close Night One of the NWHL Bubble, the Whale will be playing the Beauts. The Whale are on the hunt for a good season. They have lots of new signings, including their new college star Amanda Conway, and they want to win more than 2 games this season. They’ll face a tough customer in the Beauts for their first game. The Beauts have adjusted quite a bit in the off-season too, I’m most excited for their new goalie Carly Jackson.

In this game, I’m leaning towards the Whale. I think they really improved this off-season, not to mention they’re fighting for success in their captain Shannon Doyle’s final season. If they can win this game and start off hot, they’ll be awesome to watch moving forward.


These games are a bit more dependent on how Saturday goes. Maybe some teams will kick ass or others will need more time adjusting, who knows. Regardless, there’s some thoughts.

12:00 PM CT: Minnesota Whitecaps vs Toronto Six

Once again, I really want to see how the Six play before I can judge how they’ll fair against the team that was headed to their second Isobel Cup Final performance in as many years. Although, I can tell it will be an entertaining game from just looking at this lineups. Regardless — Roll Caps!

3:00PM CT: Metropolitan Riveters vs Connecticut Whale

I give the Whale a lot of faith going against the Beauts but the Riveters are a different ball game. The Riveters are high caviler and I just don’t think the Whale will be ready for it.

6:00PM CT: Buffalo Beauts vs Boston Pride

I’m taking the Pride on this one. They were first in the league last season and I won’t be shocked if they just plow through the league again.

That’s all 6 games on this weekend then games will be back Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week. I am excited for every single game that is coming our way. Remember that every game will be for FREE on Twitch. I’ll be blogging about these games as well as the NHL’s so be sure to follow me and Ham Sports for even more women’s hockey!

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Featured Image: Logos belong to the NWHL

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