The Dallas Stars Play A Hockey Game Tomorrow

114 days ago the Dallas Stars lost the Stanley Cup. Redemption season starts now.

The Dallas Stars will be playing the Nashville Predators tomorrow at 7:30PM CT. The Stars have yet to play a game this season because of COVID. On the other hand the Preds have a 2-1-0 record headed into this game.

The Stars really, really, really need to win this game. They tend to get in their heads when they hit bumps in the road and having a rough start in an already shortened season will only be a kick in the ass for them. We remember the 1-7-1 start last year and although the season went our way but I think I speak for every Stars fan when I say let’s NOT repeat that.

They’ll have to adjust. They’re without Tyler Seguin because of injury, we don’t know if John Klingberg will be in. There’s going to be some turbulence to start this game.

I think the first period will be rough but if they get the flow going quick, we’ll have some smooth sailing. Just keep your head in the game, shake off the rust, and we’ll be good to fuckin go. Irregardless, catch me screaming at my TV during every game. Again. I’m fully reverting back to the hermit crab I was in September. It’s revenge time, baby. I’m back, the boys are back, and I don’t know about you but I’m ready to take some heads. This team is gonna be on a tear looking to get back to that Cup and I think they can do it.

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Featured Image: Jason Franson/The Canadian Press via AP

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