It’s Kirby Dach’s 20th Birthday, Let’s Celebrate With Highlights

The kid is 20! Happy birthday Kirby Dach! The 20th birthday is the hardest because you’re stuck between finally hitting 21 and you’re officially out of the teen years. Regardless, it’s still a birthday.

In the season he’s had with the Blackhawks, Dach has played in 64 NHL games with 23 points (8G 15A). He played 9 games in the Bubble Playoffs and put up 6 points (1G 5A). It sucks so much that he’s missing out time on his sophomore season because of the wrist injury but whenever he can come back, he’s gonna do great.

To celebrate Kirb’s birthday, let’s watch some of his best moments in his short NHL career and perhaps one of my favorite interviews of all time.

(Boy do I miss the Blackhawks winning games :/)

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Featured Image: Sportsnet

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