Cam York Scored a Sneaky Little Goal Against Notre Dame

Cam York of the University of Michigan scored the sneakiest little goal in their game against Notre Dame. Watch it in the tweet above and watch closely.

The goal went under review and I can’t find the replay footage but it looks like the goal goes off the bar and out. That’s not the case. The puck actually goes in the net, completely across the line, but it reflects off a Notre Dame player who jumped in to help block the shot. That ended up being ineffective as the puck still crossed the line but it bounced off of him and out of the net.

It’s such a sneaky lil shot that put the Wolverines up 3-0 in the 2nd. We all remember how amazing York was at World Juniors so I’m not the least bit shocked that he picked up where he left off in Michigan.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from tweet above

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