Hawks Start the Season 0-3, No Surprise But I’m Still Sad

We all knew the Hawks were gonna be a disaster to start this season but I did have, I don’t know, a little hope that it wouldn’t be this bad.

At the start of today’s game against the Panthers, I thought things were looking up. A beautiful goal from Kaner with the insane assist from Pius Suter – nice way to start (watch it in the tweet above). BUT the goal was quickly ruled offsides and all the wind was ripped from our sails. Then in the 2nd, the Panthers’ quickly went up 2 with goals from Aaron Ekblad and Keith Yandle. I actually like Keith Yandle but boy did it suck to get scored on by him. Alex DeBrincat tried to set things straight by getting us within one before the end of the period.

To start the 3rd, we had hope. Almost 3 minutes in, Connor Murphy got the game tied at 2 and it was looking up — until the Panthers scored again and we just fell apart. The game ended 5-2 and resulted in the Hawks 3rd loss in 3 games.

I’d love to not go 0-56 this year so let’s just pray that we have our shit together by Tuesday when the Hawks face the Panthers again. Somethings gotta change if we want to see some success. Maybe scratch some guys and let Pirri or someone else a shot. We were on our asses the past 3 games but let’s just sew ourselves together like a functioning hockey team, please?

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Featured Image: Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

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