Get Your Friday Kickin with the Best NWHL Team’s Isobel Cup Win

It’s Friday, I’m feeling nostalgic (and sleepy) so lets throw it back to 2019. Specifically, let’s remember the Minnesota Whitecaps’ Isobel Cup win! I remember right where I was when I saw Lee Stecklein‘s shot sneak past Nicole Hensley and into the back of the net. Ham Sports was in it’s infancy back then, I think I had a 52-day posting streak (I’m now at 722), and it was probably the first blog I wrote about women’s hockey. Oh how times have changed for both of us.

The NWHL’s next season is 8 days away and I’m so stoked for the Whitecaps to be out on the ice again. Who knows, maybe they can scoop their second Cup title this year.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from the YouTube video

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