The Toronto Six Have Named Their Captain and Alternates

Earlier today, the Toronto Six named their team’s first ever captain and alternates. There was no tweet about this but you can read the full press release on the NWHL’s site. Shiann Darkangelo will be the Toronto Six’s first ever captain and she’ll have a pair of Emmas (Greco and Woods) at her side to help lead.

I think all of these players are the right choice to lead the Six in their first season. All 3 are Quinnipaic alumni and they’ve got some good experience under their belts. Darkangelo has been around to different leagues and teams, she’s seen it all, and at 27, I think she’ll be a great leader in the room. As for her alternates, both are 25-year-old players named Emma. Defenseman Emma Greco did a year in the NWHL, CWHL, and PWHPA each. Forward Emma Woods went overseas to play after college, primarily for the Vanke Rays but she spent some time in the SDHL too.

The Six need a strong, tight leadership group. They need to find their identity and having some leaders whose been through the trenches, who trust one another, is great for the team as a whole.

The Six start their season January 23rd at 1PM ET(?) and I cannot wait to see them out there! More about the NWHL and their teams here.

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Featured Image: Chris Tanouye/ CWHL

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